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Scottish shower

Called Scottish shower, is that alternating jets of hot and cold water.
Hot water and steam dilate blood vessels, promote perspiration, it relaxes muscles and joints, make flowing blood and heat to the surface of the body. The cold water and ice constrict the vessels, reduce inflammation and congestion of surface. They also produce a greater influx of blood to internal organs.
This type of shower reactivates blood circulation and tones up the skin of the body. It helps to restore energy and improve mood.
The hot jets, will be targeted to those areas in which feel muscular pains such as the lumbar, neck or back.
Cold jets, are aimed for the legs, especially if you suffer from swollen ankles and feet.
In the abdomen, the best is the warm water and low pressure.
To clean the skin under the shower, you can choose gels based on Rosemary and lavender, since this type of aromatic plants, are beneficial for leg varicose veins and circulatory problems.
Toning and effects stimulants, getting a nice surface micromassage effect are achieved with Scottish shower.
It is stimulating, ideal to combat stress, and a natural exfoliant, which contributes to the elimination of dead cells.