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Hydrotherapy is the evolution of the bath. It is designed to provide relaxation and the pleasure of water all over your body. Different types of hydrofoils provide the user a vast variety of whirlpools and sensations. The beneficial effect of the spa is not immediate, therefore, sessions should be regularly. The duration of the session up to 15 or 20 minutes can go on increasing. The ideal of a spa water temperature is between 35° and 37 ° C (95° to 98° F). During the session, it is important to maintain a comfortable and relaxed position. All this enhances the effects of hydrotherapy.

  • Types of hidrojets

    Luxe pipe

    Curtain arc

    Hot tub


    Blowers on bench

  • Benefits

    Nerve distension. Muscle relaxation. Stimulation of the circulatory system. Reduces joint pains. Reduces the effects of stress.