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Thermal Bath

The properties of this waters helps to revitalize, relax and improve vital balance. Suitable for: reumathic diseases, muscular atrophy, circulatory reactivation, central nervous system sedative, stmiluating organic defenses, psoriasis, eccema, pruritus, mobilizes urate deposit, balances the autonomic nervous system.

  • About the thermal waters
    sulfated chlorine, sodium, calcium, calcic, magnesium, ferruginous, alkaline, bicarbonated. The healing properties of any thermal water is given for the amount and combination of mineral salts in his composition.

  • Indicaciones
    afecciones reumáticas – atrofia muscular – reactivación circulatoria general – sedante del sistema nervioso central – estimulante de las defensas orgánicas – psoriasis – eczemas – pruritos – moviliza el depósito de acido úrico – equilibra el sistema neurovegetativo.

  • Effects on the human body
    The mineralized and hot water of “Termas de Sáenz Peña” has three differents effects on human body: biological, physical and chemical. The bath in this waters increase body temperature killing germs and viruses at the same time increase hydrostatic pressure, circulation and aeration. This helps to eliminate toxins. By increasing oxygenation, bathing makes better feeding of tissues of the body in general, reason by which increases metabolism at the same time stimulating secretions of the digestive tract and liver, thus helping digestion. Repeating the bath (especially in periods of 3 or 4 weeks) can help normalize the functions of the endocrine glands, as the functioning of the autonomic nervous system of the body in general. There is also an improvement and stimulation of the immune system, mental relaxation, production of endorphins and regulation of the glandular functions. Many of these effects are due to the consumption of the body of minerals such as carbon dioxide, sulfur, calcium, iron, magnesium.

  • Recommendations
    It is always best to consult your doctor before using therapy with thermal water, if you are pregnant or have a disease. Do not take bath If you are under the influence of alcohol or any drugs. Be aware if you are under any cardiovascular treatment. Do not overheat; stay well hydrated; If you suffer from skin diseases that are contagious, please use private pools.