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Turkish bath

Steam bath or Turkish bath, It is a cabin with a steam-powered equipment that controls and regulates the amount of steam as well as the indoor temperature. This temperature oscillates between 43° and 46 ° C (109.40° F / 114.80° F), with a relative humidity of 100%.
It is a rite of purification, wisdom and purity of body and soul. It is the place of cleaning, hygiene and relaxation with therapeutic purposes. Active circulation, cleans and regenerates the skin in depth, produces relaxation and well-being.
It is highly recommended to practice one or two sessions a week to enjoy all its benefits.

  • How to take a Turkish bath

    For the correct use of the sauna, it must start with a shower with hot water. Once dried the body correctly, we entered the sauna and remain there between 10 and 30 minutes. Once outside, take a shower with water cold or hot, as desired. Repeat it many times that appropriate. Then rest for a few minutes to complete the process of relaxation and shower again with warm water.

  • Benefits

    The Turkish sauna benefits are achieved when done on a regular basis.
    Relaxation, produced by a nervous strain.
    Oxygenation, by dilatation of the respiratory ramifications.
    Cleaning toxins from the pores.
    Stimulation of blood circulation by the elevation of heart rate and vasodilation.
    Moisturizes the skin and gives it greater softness, smoothness and beauty, avoiding the drying it as delaying the appearance of wrinkles.